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Thursday, January 29, 2009

So, I just turned in my 3 animations of bouncing balls for critique. And the teacher didn't pick at it as much as she did other people, so I feel accomplished! I personally don't think they were bad either, but there are moments in my animation that I wish weren't there. I ran out of time to go back and fix those seemingly minute errors, but it was presentable.

We are now gonna be animating Flour sacks! Wow, don't I feel like such an animator now! hehe. I meant that sincerely too. I was working on my animation from like....8ish to 11pm. Then I woke up at 8am to animate from 9am to 12:30pm. Animating actually doesn't take all that much time, but fixing up any mistakes can last twice as long.

I almost felt insulted when the teacher asked if I wanted to be a "character animator" because of how I animated one of my balls. That should be a compliment, i'm sure, but see thing is I wasn't TRYING to give the ball character. Eh...whatever tho. I'm sure that was a compliment, so I'll take it as so.

to be cont.

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