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Friday, February 29, 2008


I called to check to see if Laguna got all my application materials, and they did.

AND, the lady who I was talking with also decided to mention that I was ACCEPTED to their school. Ooooooomuhgud! Pretty cool, no? lol! It isn't my first choice, but it's nice to know that I'm IN at their school (WITH scholarship). Just the whole "you now have scholarship too" part makes me -not- believe that I got into their school, lol! I've NEVER gotten a scholarship. ANYWHERE. ANYHOW. So yea, wow. Im honored! It's still hard to believe that I was told I was accepted at their school... Mainly just cuz of the scholarship. XP It's all a lie, the cake is a lie! To mock me! hehe.

Still waiting calmly (and secretly axiously) for Ringling's response. Lots of things are going thru my mind. Oh well. These thoughts will just have to be silent until I get more info.

I was also wondering. When you go to LCAD's website, they don't talk much about their graduates. I was looking up Blogspot websites of LCAD students & alumni. Come to find out, THEY DO EXIST (the student's blogspots that is)! Not as much as Ringling or Calarts, but they're there. I wonder why doesn't LCAD's website mention those alumni.

If you go to LCAD or know somebody who does, I would like a opinion on that. lol.

So yea... Waaaaaiting, let's play the waaaaaaaaaaiting gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nom nom

I'll put up my actual portfolio when I get some kinda news from a school. x3 What? Im not nervous, no way! har har.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Trying it out!

Been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong while since I've touched watercolors. lol! Like... 6 years old when I used them. But I'm slowly starting to like it. I don't know how to properly use them, but I'm just going with my gut feeling. hehe. I was trying to get a quick feel of it. (I was also, at the moment, inspired by: Panic at the Disco). I plan on doing uber mix of colors next time. Maybe one day I'll promote myself to using those tube watercolors. lol!

Anyways, yarrrrr!

Great News!

I finalized my schedule! And I was able to get classes that either made my schedule easier or replaced a class that I didn't really like for certain reasons.

So WOOHOO about that!

AND, Ringling finally got my last recommendation paper! THANK YOU! FINALLY! hehe.

Now just to wait for RCAD. And also send in my application for LCAD still. @.@ I have less than 1 week left now. Yarrrr.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ok, so now a 180º turn...or a 360º

I went to Pasadena ever since I started college. But then I decided to go to ELAC full time (omfg I just now realize that I do a full time load & extra classes at other colleges). After taking 2 weeks worth of classes tho, which is really just two days of classes at ELAC, I came to feel that I wasn't really getting my money's worth. We were learning very slow since its a 1nce a week class & we were going even SLOWER cuz the teacher had to teach two dif. classes at the same time. More importantly, after taking today's Life Drawing class at Glendale, it made me realize that I should be taking classes that will really improve my skills. Learning animation right now is not neccessary. I will be taking animation for the next 4 years at a college that is really an ANIMATION school. So why spend $120 dollars for 2 animation classes thats not even very well developed, when I can take classes that will truly improve my drawing skills.

So here's the deal: I've dropped 2 ELAC classes, and I still have 2 there (animal drawing & comic book dev.) But NOW I'm taking classes at Pasadena, full time again, which consist of Figure Sculpture & Sculpture. I'm still on the pursuit of finding more classes to fulfill my full time status, so these are what I've got on mind, either: Ceramics, Anatomy emphasized Life Drawing, Sketching for Design, or Art History.

Man..that makes me tired just thinking about it.

I won't put up what my schedule will look like just yet, since...I don't wanna put all my eggs...before they hatch....or something like that...or is it "count my eggs"? But yea.. hehe. I find it amusing how I went from a very easy schedule to OMGUEZFUKINCRZY schedule.

And some really great news! I've take the precaution and initiative to ask 2 more people to write a recommendation for me. Cuz STATISTICALLY, ATLEAST ONE OF THEM WILL ACTUALLY MAKE IT TO RINGLING! rawr! So yea, hopefully, if things go well, I'll finally have a recommendation letter in their database by Thursday. If things go horribly obscene, then the letter will NOT make it on Thursday..... [insert horrid face here]

In any case, here's my pickles "properly" photgraphed:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Good News!

Well, I've got my laptop back again! So i'm back in business.

Called Ringling, finally got in touch with somebody, and my recommendation isn't there yet. BUT, the good news is that my college teacher sent them a email version too, so they've GOT to get that one.

And since I have my laptop now, I'll be able to burn my portfolio for Laguna college too.

I was also able to finish my final project for Rendering class. :D And my teacher liked it alot! So I'm happy. Here's a quick photo of it:

Lastly, tomorrow! Tomorrow starts a new semester officially! Going to my life drawing class tomorrow, so I really look forward to that.

And as a self note to myself, sorta: I feel as though I've made a mistake choosing ELAC as my full time college. The night classes don't really bug me, but the whole, '1 class per week' and 'poor teaching enviroment' kinda sets me off. Don't get me wrong, the teachers are very good and inspirational. But taking a class only once a week doesn't get me pumped, and the animation lab is a very sad sight. Only 3 pencil test machines, very very old, and one was broken (for a 20 avg. class). The teacher was given a 2 class at 1 time schedule. So while shes teaching us Background and Layout Art students, shes also teaching the Storyboarding class. Meaning neither class gets the teacher's full attention. Even she says it's hard for her to teach a class on two dif. subjects. And it's all that, not to mention the type of neighborhood its in, that discourages me a bit from complete excitement. BUT, I did make the choice of going there, albeit it was a sort of last minute choice, and it was the only college in the surrounding city area that had a near complete animation program.

So all I can do now is keep my head up and make the best of it.
And hopefully a good future will come!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Im freakin' out! ARRRRRRGH. So much for applying. ;o; Reccomendation hasn't arrived yet. *sighs*

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chinese New Year!

Went to the Chinese New Year Festival at Chinatown in Los Angeles! I didn't draw anything unfortunately. But considering our time spent there, we wouldn't have had any opportunity for it. (couldn't see much either)

Picture of myself before leaving. It was made for a picture story my friend was making! And so are the next two pics.

(makes me wanna buy cultural masks now)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Craziest shit ever! Class at ELAC started already! And I'm still in Winter Session at Pasadena! WTF. lol. I didn't know it started that early! Cuz Glendale and Pasadena starts 2 weeks from now! lawlz. I missed one class already. Sooooooo, i'm going to one class tomorrow. And then maybe skip my pasadena class for the animal drawing class. yarrr...what a mess. lol

Monday, February 4, 2008

Art Update!

My Pickle Color test!
Testing before starting on Final Project.

Life Drawings from Calarts Workshop.

And a fun drawing made while watching the cloudy skies.

---On the serious, more boring side, we found out that theres some strange bizness with my financial thing. Now I have to fill out this Petition for Withdrawal from a school I didn't attend. Rawr.

---On the more amusing side, my dad came in just now and handed me a Ringling Box. First thing I thought was, "Oh wow! They must've rejected my application that fast!" I was seriously looking for the, "Im sorry, try again next year." sticker. lol! It was just the catalogue. Oh well~

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Old animations

Drip Animation
Name Animation

Animations made during my Computer Assisted Painting class (more like a illustrator class).

Nothing compared to this ofcourse (lol):

Friday, February 1, 2008

Zoo Trip!

A full balanced diet of a Crimmy consists of: Nachos, pencils, sketchbooks, and fingers.

Updated Sketchbook @!

(fav. drawing from the zoo trip!)

Yarrr~ The zoo was fun!

And i'm happy for various reasons! I sent my portfolio to RCAD (undeclared, so-so), and I'll soon be sending my portfolio to LCAD & filling out the FAFSA.

Im just a happy pooter.