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Monday, February 18, 2008

Good News!

Well, I've got my laptop back again! So i'm back in business.

Called Ringling, finally got in touch with somebody, and my recommendation isn't there yet. BUT, the good news is that my college teacher sent them a email version too, so they've GOT to get that one.

And since I have my laptop now, I'll be able to burn my portfolio for Laguna college too.

I was also able to finish my final project for Rendering class. :D And my teacher liked it alot! So I'm happy. Here's a quick photo of it:

Lastly, tomorrow! Tomorrow starts a new semester officially! Going to my life drawing class tomorrow, so I really look forward to that.

And as a self note to myself, sorta: I feel as though I've made a mistake choosing ELAC as my full time college. The night classes don't really bug me, but the whole, '1 class per week' and 'poor teaching enviroment' kinda sets me off. Don't get me wrong, the teachers are very good and inspirational. But taking a class only once a week doesn't get me pumped, and the animation lab is a very sad sight. Only 3 pencil test machines, very very old, and one was broken (for a 20 avg. class). The teacher was given a 2 class at 1 time schedule. So while shes teaching us Background and Layout Art students, shes also teaching the Storyboarding class. Meaning neither class gets the teacher's full attention. Even she says it's hard for her to teach a class on two dif. subjects. And it's all that, not to mention the type of neighborhood its in, that discourages me a bit from complete excitement. BUT, I did make the choice of going there, albeit it was a sort of last minute choice, and it was the only college in the surrounding city area that had a near complete animation program.

So all I can do now is keep my head up and make the best of it.
And hopefully a good future will come!


Nilah said...

Mmm, those are some tasty pickles. :) Good work! You still shooting for Ringling for 2009?

CrimBot said...

thanks! :D

Well as it turned out, I've - last minute - been able to apply for Ringling for 08. So this is why im spazzing so much for my last reccomendation.

:D But yea, crossing fingers for this year instead!

Nilah said...

SWEET. Good luck. :3