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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ok, so now a 180º turn...or a 360º

I went to Pasadena ever since I started college. But then I decided to go to ELAC full time (omfg I just now realize that I do a full time load & extra classes at other colleges). After taking 2 weeks worth of classes tho, which is really just two days of classes at ELAC, I came to feel that I wasn't really getting my money's worth. We were learning very slow since its a 1nce a week class & we were going even SLOWER cuz the teacher had to teach two dif. classes at the same time. More importantly, after taking today's Life Drawing class at Glendale, it made me realize that I should be taking classes that will really improve my skills. Learning animation right now is not neccessary. I will be taking animation for the next 4 years at a college that is really an ANIMATION school. So why spend $120 dollars for 2 animation classes thats not even very well developed, when I can take classes that will truly improve my drawing skills.

So here's the deal: I've dropped 2 ELAC classes, and I still have 2 there (animal drawing & comic book dev.) But NOW I'm taking classes at Pasadena, full time again, which consist of Figure Sculpture & Sculpture. I'm still on the pursuit of finding more classes to fulfill my full time status, so these are what I've got on mind, either: Ceramics, Anatomy emphasized Life Drawing, Sketching for Design, or Art History.

Man..that makes me tired just thinking about it.

I won't put up what my schedule will look like just yet, since...I don't wanna put all my eggs...before they hatch....or something like that...or is it "count my eggs"? But yea.. hehe. I find it amusing how I went from a very easy schedule to OMGUEZFUKINCRZY schedule.

And some really great news! I've take the precaution and initiative to ask 2 more people to write a recommendation for me. Cuz STATISTICALLY, ATLEAST ONE OF THEM WILL ACTUALLY MAKE IT TO RINGLING! rawr! So yea, hopefully, if things go well, I'll finally have a recommendation letter in their database by Thursday. If things go horribly obscene, then the letter will NOT make it on Thursday..... [insert horrid face here]

In any case, here's my pickles "properly" photgraphed:

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