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Friday, February 29, 2008


I called to check to see if Laguna got all my application materials, and they did.

AND, the lady who I was talking with also decided to mention that I was ACCEPTED to their school. Ooooooomuhgud! Pretty cool, no? lol! It isn't my first choice, but it's nice to know that I'm IN at their school (WITH scholarship). Just the whole "you now have scholarship too" part makes me -not- believe that I got into their school, lol! I've NEVER gotten a scholarship. ANYWHERE. ANYHOW. So yea, wow. Im honored! It's still hard to believe that I was told I was accepted at their school... Mainly just cuz of the scholarship. XP It's all a lie, the cake is a lie! To mock me! hehe.

Still waiting calmly (and secretly axiously) for Ringling's response. Lots of things are going thru my mind. Oh well. These thoughts will just have to be silent until I get more info.

I was also wondering. When you go to LCAD's website, they don't talk much about their graduates. I was looking up Blogspot websites of LCAD students & alumni. Come to find out, THEY DO EXIST (the student's blogspots that is)! Not as much as Ringling or Calarts, but they're there. I wonder why doesn't LCAD's website mention those alumni.

If you go to LCAD or know somebody who does, I would like a opinion on that. lol.

So yea... Waaaaaiting, let's play the waaaaaaaaaaiting gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

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