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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Senior Citizen Indiana

I hate how the advertisements on the billboards and stuff show his sexy body, NOT his
old body with grandpa pants. >: ( LIES ALL LIES!!

And I hate Shia even more just because of this movie.

I don't wanna see Indy all old, but my dad wants to go see it. hehe.

I guess I'll just pretend it Metal Gear Solid 4. Old Snake...............

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Friday, May 23, 2008

California weather

A joke I made with a friend.

And yea... Weather here is going crazy! It HAILED in Little Tokyo.
I wasn't there to see it, but Then tornado near loma linda. And all this other wierd stuff.
It's kinda cool and kinda scary. As long as no tornado comes near here and stuff.

Wonder what tomorrow will be like.

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Comic Book Cover assn.

still need to work on it more...

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Halloween makeup design ideas

Medium: Pastels, color pencil, pencil

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Guy from comic


Ringling (expensive, need more funds)
Laguna (maaaaaaybe, but housing expenses)
San Jose
San Francisco
UCLA (not enough animation? and fend for yourself attitude)

CSU Fullerton?
CSU Long Beach?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oh, what the future holds for me?

Today's Life Drawing exercise!

So in my last entry, I said: ......well, I basically said I wouldn't be able to go to Ringling this year.

BUT, im happy to say that I WILL re-apply to Ringling AND other prospective colleges. Those schools will be - Laguna College of Art and Design, Calarts, UCLA, USC, San Francisco State University, and San Jose State University. I am trying to find a school in California that will definitely give me what I need to get into the animation industry AND provide good scholarships, since the lack of that is what caused me the problem I have now.

I look forward to this year, I'll do things I wasn't able to do and more. I especially look forward to doing commissions sometime this year. I will continue to research more about loans AND get some face-to-face help from school counselors. I plan to visit each school on my list and see what they have with my own eyes. That was one set back for Ringling; I didn't have the money to go visit, so I relied on phone calls and acquaintances for my questions. Which isn't a bad thing at all! But it would have helped my situation if I could've gone to the school and found out for myself.

I don't feel down anymore! I really like this decision, and I have no regrets. Whats one year to come between a productive extra year and an expensive Ringling tuition? I hope that made sense. It doesn't to me, but it SOUNDS right. lol! But yea, I get to enjoy taking a variety of classes again to round myself out, instead of going to Ringling and worrying about money. Plus, like I told myself, "If I was good enough to get into Ringling this time, I should really be able to do it again next time. I must have more faith in my skill. If I didn't have that faith, then I couldn't have possibly survived Ringling this year with that mindset!"

So that is my conclusion to this. 1 year to regroup and prepare myself for a lifetime career (and a 10-20 year debt, lol).

Have fun year 2012 @ Ringling! Work yer ass off, cuz once I get into the game, I plan to get the job yer aiming for!

Let's see what the future holds...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cover Page sketches

Ok, so I may have some bad news too... I.. won't be going to Ringling anymore... Money concerns and all. I plan to continue learning at community college for one more year, and prepare for the Ringling tuition better. Tis a sad but hopeful thing. I may or may not elaborate more on this. I'll still be going to Sarasota before and during the orientation, but I won't be part of the festivities. I will most likely check out the campus since i'm there, and hopefully the won't mind me being around campus at that time.

Have fun class of 2012, hopefully 'seeya soon' class of 2013! heh.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Appropriation Assn.

Appropriated "I want you" poster of Uncle Sam, into this skull-headed embodiment of American's EXPENSIVE STUFF! In another words it's representing how there are soo many enticing things to buy like analog/digital cameras, ps3, games, digital screen frames, and more, BUT because of the little money [most/some] people have, to buy one of those things would mean we'd have to sacrafice something else. Like food or school supplies.

It's also how the govn't seemingly wants us to spend more and more for stuff like taxes and gassssssssssssssssssssss.

"I Want You (to BUY MORE!)"

Made outta bestbuy and circuit city ads. The Skull is actually covered by a plastic sheet to simulate a computer screen.


BTW, I quote myself quoting somebody:

"You know how when you mention "Ringling" to somebody, they think of clowns and the such. We'll I thought this guy was gonna say that when he said, "Ringling sounds like a...." he paused and thought for a second, " a ding dong school."

Yep. How ignorant. *sigh* And this kid is from an "elite" school. I sorta expected more intelligence from him. But alas, the logical world still does not acknowledge the art world.