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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Appropriation Assn.

Appropriated "I want you" poster of Uncle Sam, into this skull-headed embodiment of American's EXPENSIVE STUFF! In another words it's representing how there are soo many enticing things to buy like analog/digital cameras, ps3, games, digital screen frames, and more, BUT because of the little money [most/some] people have, to buy one of those things would mean we'd have to sacrafice something else. Like food or school supplies.

It's also how the govn't seemingly wants us to spend more and more for stuff like taxes and gassssssssssssssssssssss.

"I Want You (to BUY MORE!)"

Made outta bestbuy and circuit city ads. The Skull is actually covered by a plastic sheet to simulate a computer screen.


BTW, I quote myself quoting somebody:

"You know how when you mention "Ringling" to somebody, they think of clowns and the such. We'll I thought this guy was gonna say that when he said, "Ringling sounds like a...." he paused and thought for a second, " a ding dong school."

Yep. How ignorant. *sigh* And this kid is from an "elite" school. I sorta expected more intelligence from him. But alas, the logical world still does not acknowledge the art world.

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