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Friday, February 13, 2009

The comic I colored debuted!

Go to that link! yey!

The only sad part is that they forgot to credit me. I'm kinda bummed about it, but I figure I'd rather be known for a piece of work that was really awesome. I'm proud of my coloring on there, but it could have been better. Never done smoke either, so that was a first for me. It'll be printed in a Transformer IDW comic SOMEDAY, so thats cool.

Aside that, I'm discouraged with life in general. I am only good at art, i think, i may have some management/schedule abilities, but.... I'm really nothing. I don't think im a true artist. I don't think i'm anything useful to society. Maybe a temporary scab for people who need assistance. I am going to contradict myself here, but I think I can be something really awesome in life, but I also see myself being such a big failure.

Just going thru the times. Trying to survive. Trying to live.

Like I've told myself before, I can easily see the world passing me by. I'll be left behind. And I'll be bittersweet about it. My maturity level can vary, depending on the situation. But often times, I know I act childish most of the time. Whether it's because I don't believe I've grown up yet, I want people to think that I am no threat (under estimate me) so that I am percieved as a neutral force, I lied so much about myself that I can't help but continue acting that way, or because I really am ignorant of the world and don't know how to handle being on my own (except for the basic survival skills, like: microwaving food and trying not to die in anyway possible).

What will the future hold. Can I survive college?

....Can I finish my hw?

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