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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Woodruff and stuff

Well I didn't finish my color assn., but it was fine, the teacher was cool with it. I had such a messy day at class tho. Paint everywhere! And the teacher was kinda disgusted/amused at the colors i was getting while mixing. lol! I need to work on my patience and craftsmanship when it comes to paint.

Speaking of which tho. Thomas Woodruff's Freaks Parade is awesome! The colors are so... amazing! They pop out from the dark paper that is drawn/painted on.

So yea, back to classes. Trad. Animation was alright. We're working on flour sacks now. FUN. Sorta. I'm having some trouble, but I think i just need some getting used to animating something that is not a ball. hehe.

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