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Monday, March 9, 2009

just curious

talked to advisor. Just talk. Scoped my options. Varied from Game Art, Digital Film, GIC, and Illustration. Although, im pretty sure I would not choose GIC or Digital Film. So between Game CA or Illustration. Not sure what I'd do tho. So my advisor gave me a list of people to talk to. Mostly dept. heads. I'm not sure if Im meant to be in Computer Animation. I can do it, but will i truly enjoy it. The idea of working in studios with fellow animators and enjoying the different community things seems so wonderful.

I'm not sure if Illustration will pay enough. Why am I worried with pay? I need money. I hear its the thing to have these days. It's one thing to pursue your career, and then to pursue it while being poor. Im pretty sure I can be happy and make anything work. But what will my parents think? I already know it's my choice. So I shouldn't worry. But im so considerate. Sometimes I wonder if my kindness get in the way of getting things done. Im sure it will pay enough if you enjoy it enough and make something of it.

I don't like 2D animating. And it's a risk to keep going at this rate, not knowing for sure what I really want. Cuz its time and money that is weighed into this equation. Right now I supporting my efforts thru the idea that I'll love 3D animating. But the idea of secluding myself in the labs is almost... I don't know. I don't know what I want. Thats why this Spring Break I want to find myself. I've got until April 9 to make my choice.

Thankfully, Ringling is the best school for the majors I'm interested in. Not so much GAD just yet, but thats only cuz they haven't had the chance to shine. I don't want to give up. After all, this is what I've been working so hard for. Life is so difficult, yet I appreciate it so much.

It'd be awesome if................i could major in Illustration and minor in motion graphics. Oh ya, I should check to see summer classes about that.

Glendale CC has motion graphics. But nothing good during the summer.What a bummer. I guess just do more research online. I will do that later today (tomorrow since i haven't slept yet). Something for me to do. And atleast I'll get sleep. So that I can survive/stay awake during Vilppu's workshop. Yup.


Nilah said...

Heeey we should talk sometime, if you want. :)

Elove said...

totally! It's been a while since we chatted. Plus, any advice you'd have would be invaluable!