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Friday, March 6, 2009

Screw that getting a normal job thing. Not everybody can have animation as their job. I think it is uberly unfair that I would be subject to having to face CA or go to a normal job. I mean.... I enjoy different things. I enjoy drawing,m and I enjoy making stories. I wonder what the game art and design major is like. But in all honesty im not sure what my path will take me. I feel just as confused as some other peo0pope but at times I feel like I know more. IAnd techinically if you loook at  al my knowledge I really do know more. But with ringling's GAD i don't know eough. Not enough to really have enough to base my information on. And right now my friends are watching a movie that I don't feel like watching. I want to watch it=, but I don't want to right now. OFcourse, just hearing mina screawm is enough to illustrate to me what could possibly be happening. Eff that shit. If I don't want to animate traditionally then I shouldn't have to. I am really tired too. So sleep sounds good about now. But whatever.  Yawwwwwnnn......