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Saturday, March 15, 2008



Abigail said...

Hehe, I guess we both got a little camera happy when we got the package! xD Yours is creative and cute!

And you're right, haha, I actually did shut the mailbox and run back inside to get my camera before bringing the envelope in. xD The neighbors must have thought I was nuts!

So are you an ill major too?

Nilah said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

CrimBot said...

Abigail: I'm a CA major. :) But I do like to do illustrations aswell. hehe. Congrats to us both! X3



Wayne Parker said...

Heh, heh, cool feeling wasn't it? Now wait - the hard part will come SOON! ;) CA is no joke :D

Congratz - again.

CrimBot said...

Thanks Wayne!

I'm sure i'll be busting my butt nth times as more than i did in community colelge. X3 Scared and excited I am. lol! Hope to see ya around!