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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rabanaffren #2!

RASANAFERABEN!!! I got ACCEPTED to Ringling!!! WOOO! I seriously didn't believe I got in the first time I called. So i called a second time! XD;; Just to make sure. Ringling... I'll be seeing you soon. lol!

I will totally put up my portfolio now.... (did i say i would do that before, and never did?) LOL! Well, I will!!! x3 And I can now proudly make the word: Ringling, a part of my tags. lol!


Nilah said...

CONGRATS!! So you're a definite for the fall?

CrimBot said...

Im given the OK to go to Ringling now!

I'm so excited that I'm almost in denial. lol! Are they sure they want me?! Really?!

I look forward to seeing Ringling!

And unfortunately, this does mean that I'll have to go and bother you now and say Hi! :p

Thank you so much for giving me such helpful tips!